Will Call Rental Agreement


There will be a REFUNDABLE SECURITY DEPOSIT with a CREDIT CARD Hold based on the following:

Will Call Rental Total Security Deposit Amount
$1 to $100 $200
$101 to $200 $250
$201 to $300 $300
$301 to $400 $350
$401 to $500 $400

The Refundable Security Deposit WILL BE PROCESSED UPON PICKUP.

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY THE TERMS AND CONDITION of This Agreement. You will sign upon pick up of your order at our location 1545 W 134th St, Gardena, CA 90249. By making payment and receiving the rental items you agree to the terms below.

Terms and Conditions

Tlapazola Event Rentals also known as TER on this agreement has the following terms and conditions

FOR STORE PICK UP REQUIREMENT: Minimum security deposit, a debit or credit card on file & a copy of a valid photo ID is required for store pick up and drop off. Security deposit is reimbursable in full when the rented items are returned. Credit/Debit card information will be deleted when the rented items are returned. Credit card refunds take approx. up to 10 days to post on the your account and dependent on your banking service. 

THEFT OF EQUIPMENT: CLIENT agrees to pay for equipment (at its replacement cost when rented) for all types of theft or mysterious disappearance, or fails to return.


PAYMENT: All orders need to be paid in full before pick up date. 


DEBIT OR CREDIT CARD: We accept all major credit cards. Please call at any time during our business hours 9:00 am to 7:00 pm for any before hand payment over the phone. (NO PREPAID OR GIFT CARD, NO EXCEPTION)

CANCELLATION: 90% Security deposit will be refund on rented items cancelled within 7 days of the date of delivery or customer pickup. a 10% cancellation process cost will apply to any order that was paid with a credit card. 100% Security deposit will be refund on rented items cancelled within 7 days of the date of delivery or customer pickup. 100% cancellation charge will apply to items described as special ordered once order is placed. 100% cancellation will apply to rental items cancelled less than 24 hours from the date of delivery or client pick-up date. 50% cancellation will apply to rental items cancelled less than 48 hours from the date of delivery or client pick-up date. 100% charge will apply to items not used, returned unused once delivered or picked up by the customer.

LOADING: TER does not load/off-load. We only assist by loading pallets to the back of your truck, we suggest that you send minimum. 2 people to pick up.

If a customer arranges pick up at a Tlapazola Event Rental warehouse, it is the customer’s responsibility to load on pick up and unload when drop off.

DAMAGED OR LOST EQUIPMENT: CUSTOMER agrees to pay for any damage resulting in misuse of equipment or loss of goods, regardless of cause, while the equipment is out of the possession of TER. Accrued rental charges cannot be applied against the purchase or cost of repair of damaged or lost equipment. Equipment damaged beyond repair will be paid for at its Replacement cost when rented.

RENTAL PERIOD: All prices are based on a 24hrs period per item except holidays, equipment may keep up to 48 hrs. 

Fail to return the equipment is subject to charge at its Replacement cost when rented. We reserve the right to cancel an order if we do not have enough information or order is incomplete.

LINENS POLICY: Once the return is received TER will inspect the linens if tears, holes, candle wax, chewing gums, non washable stains or any damage done to linens. The customer will be charged at the replacement value of the table linen(s). We ask that you do not wash the linen after use as the rental will cover the cleaning. Please make sure that the linen is not wet or DO NOT place linens in plastic bags right after used, as this will cause mildew on them.

CLEANING: To be respectful of future renters, please keep in mind there may be a cleaning service assessed at the end of the rental if the rental equipment is not returned in clean condition. That means excessive dirt, mud, food, feet steps, damage or soiling could result in a $35-$100 cleaning charge depending on the severity and additional time needed to clean the equipment. To avoid this service charge, we recommend lifting the items all the time when load and unload or when moving them one place to another DO NOT DRAG THEM ON THE FLOOR. Dragging the items on the floor will cause large scratches or excessive dirt on them.

REFUND: All rented charges are final, if for any reason equipment was not used (including helium and propane tank) TER does not authorize any refund. Once the equipment is out of the warehouse the rental service time starts running.

Generally all rented equipment is inspected in the warehouse before it goes out, however the staff will test all the equipment and make sure that all this works well before the client leaves the store.

SHORTAGES AND DAMAGES: In the event that CLIENT is shorted or receives damaged goods. CLIENT agrees to verify and count the items before the CLIENT leaves TER’s facility. TER is liable only for the rental dollar value of the goods shorted/damaged. Arrangement must be made in the same instant when picked up.

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