How to Plan an Outdoor Wedding in Southern California

Want to learn how to plan an outdoor wedding? We’re the ones to ask! As professional event planners in the greater L.A. area, Tlapazola Party Rentals has plenty of experience avoiding pitfalls and helping ensure your special day goes smoothly. Here are our top outdoor wedding tips for Southern California!

1. Set Up Weatherproof Canopies/Tents

Naturally, your biggest concern when learning how to plan an outdoor wedding is the weather. But inclement weather doesn’t have to ruin your outdoor wedding if you plan appropriately.

Always install a large tent with sidewalls. Your tent is only going to keep out the rain if it keeps it out from the side as well as the top, and you don’t want guests seated at the edge to get wet. You can always tie the side flaps back and let them down in the event of pouring rain. 

2. Keep Your Guests Warm

Southern California can get quite chilly at night, no matter how warm the day was. Your guests are likely to be wearing light and flowy finery, and they’ll start to shiver as the sun sets. 

Keep the wind out with your tent and be sure to install space heaters inside. You can also consider cozy fire pits to sit around for both warmth and a comforting atmosphere. Consider keeping your guests warm as part of your weather contingency plan!

3. Don’t Let Bugs Bug You

When you’re envisioning your dream outdoor wedding, bugs don’t usually enter your fanciful imaginations. Unfortunately, bugs are a reality of living outside, and you have to prepare to keep them away from your guests. 

Our outdoor wedding tip for pest management is to have a stash of citronella candles and bug zappers around, especially if you’re planning an evening around water. Call the venue or a nearby establishment and ask about any other insect precautions you should take. 

Some plants can also naturally deter pests, so you can set them up around the venue! Try lavender or citronella (scented geranium) to ward off the bugs.

4. Find Reliable Rental Equipment & Let the Pros Set It Up

One thing you absolutely cannot afford to go wrong on the big day is your rental equipment! Your wedding could go seriously awry if you don’t have the right chairstentslighting, or tables. When you’re learning how to plan an outdoor wedding, consult the professionals at a reliable and well-reviewed event rentals center.

What’s more, you shouldn’t try to set up the big items yourself. It’s stressful if you don’t know what you’re doing and it’ll exhaust you for the event. Tlapazola Party Rentals offers setup, breakdown, delivery, and pickup services so you don’t have to worry about a thing. 

If you have more questions about how to plan an outdoor wedding, contact our event planners anytime! Ready to plan your event? Renting your equipment online is fast and easy.

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