Corporate Gatherings 101: 7 Professional & Fun Corporate Event Ideas

Corporate eventsSetting up the venue with chairs, tables, stages, lighting, bars, etc. and office parties are essential for team building, employee retention, and stress relief. However, it’s no secret that a work event can be tedious and even draining if poorly executed.

Learning how to plan a corporate event is an art form. If you’re in charge of the next company function, it’s important that you create a warm and welcoming environment that entertains and facilitates personal connection and a sense that attendees are genuinely appreciated by the company.

As Los Angeles event planners, we’ve seen what works and what doesn’t. Consider these fun corporate event ideas for a memorable occasion the team will look forward to all year. 

1. Don’t Skimp on the Food and Drinks 

Food is something people can talk about, enjoy, and relate to regardless of where they are in the company. It’s an easy icebreaker, especially if people are meeting and small talking for the first time ever at this event.

There are endless options for catering that aren’t simple meat and potatoes dinners. You want something people will talk about — and something they can’t usually get elsewhere.

Some creative food and drink ideas include:

  • Hiring your own local food truck
  • Setting up a mixology course or a unique cocktail bar
  • Having a wine or craft beer tasting event
  • Renting your own hibachi bar or having your own open kitchen with made-to-order meals

2. Look to Previous Events

Hopefully, your company has been keeping track of what worked and what didn’t at previous events. Every company is different, after all, and a team-building activity that might be fun and silly for one group of people could be awkward or mind-numbing for another. 

Ask employees and previous event planners what worked and what fell short at previous years’ events. If something went well — for instance, a scavenger hunt or a taco bar — people will hope to see it again in the years to come. If something fell horribly flat, you can advocate against it this year and take steps to avoid it. Talk to employees to get a feel for what fun corporate event ideas they liked!

3. Support a Charity

Your team will feel better about the company — and so will you! — if you use some of the profits you generate to benefit the community around you. 

Have a raffle or fundraiser to generate proceeds, or simply take a portion of the admission cost to donate to the charity. Make a formal presentation and announcement of the charity benefits to boost morale!

4. Hire Live Performers

Live music and performances are a fun and exciting way to liven up your event, and they ensure your event is entertaining and unique. It’s a tried and true option when you’re looking for fun corporate event ideas. 

“Corporate” has the connotation of being dull and sterile. By hiring a performer who’s completely unrelated to the company, people can relax, loosen up, and enjoy themselves. Quite the opposite of a board meeting!

Worried your venue doesn’t have a stage? No problem. Tlapazola Party Rentals can set up a fully functional stage or dance floor for a live band, comedian, musician, actor, or other performers.

5. Leave the Details to the Professionals

When you’re on a budget and learning how to plan a corporate event, one thing NOT to do is try to do everything yourself. There are many event planning elements that will likely go seamlessly when you hire a professional but could cause a disaster if you try to do them yourself. 

Don’t try to take care of these corporate event elements yourself:

  • Setting up the venue with chairs, tables, stages, lighting, bars, etc. You could hurt yourself or others if you don’t know how to assemble rental furniture. Plus, a rental professional would save you a lot of time and stress.
  • Arranging transportation for every guest. Hire a third party company to arrange transportation to the venue. This can get very complicated, especially if people are flying in, and you don’t want to leave anyone stranded. This is another surefire time-saver. 
  • Keep the event planner free on the day of the event. If you’re the planner, don’t assign yourself a role such as check-in during the event. You’re the one people are inevitably going to turn to when something goes wrong or someone has questions, and you need to be on watch and available.

6. Give Guests Options

It’s virtually impossible to come up with fun corporate event ideas that suit every single personality. Some people might not enjoy a dance floor, while other people might not enjoy a meditation retreat. It’s vitally important to give your guests comfortable options so that people can enjoy themselves in a way that suits them. 

For instance, if you’ve booked a comedian, you could concurrently have a more low-key option such as a private bar or yoga class for people to enjoy. This way, some employees can relax while others get out and laugh, and everyone’s happy in the end. 

7. Follow up with Your Guests

Earlier, we said that using past feedback is essential for a successful corporate event. Make a future event planner’s life much easier by asking for feedback from guests after the event!

If you want honest feedback, make sure your feedback system is anonymous. 

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