Tips & Tricks for Fun Company Event Planning

When you hear “company event” you might not get excited right away. Corporate events have a habit of falling short of entertainment expectations —that is if they’re not planned and executed properly! Corporate festivities can be incredibly fun and memorable for your entire group, and with a little help from a trusted company like Tlapazola Party Rentals it can be an event that your group reminisces on for years to come. Read on to check out Tlapazola Party Rentals’ best tips and tricks for company event planning, and create an unforgettable experience for your staff!

Choose a Unique Venue 

One of the first things to consider when planning your company event is where it will all take place. Consider your theme, and the overall mood that you want to achieve at your event, and select a unique venue that will fit that vision. You’ll need to take the city and location into consideration to ensure that your guests can easily reach the area, and you’ll need to have a rough idea of how many people your ideal venue should be able to host. 

Finding the perfect party venue can be a hard decision, but it should be made early to help you carry out your subsequent planning. The size and type of venue you choose, for instance, will help you determine which corporate event decor and rental equipment you’ll need to order! 

Choose a Fun Theme 

Planning a themed party is a wonderful way to make your company event cohesive and more interesting and engaging for your guests! This is your chance to get creative and think of a fun, imaginative theme that will successfully translate into your event space and keep people talking for months to come. Your theme doesn’t have to be extravagant, but it should be somehow relevant to your company or your attendees interests.

Your theme should be decided upon early, as it will impact your corporate event’s decor, food, music, and dress code. From balloon arches to tent ceiling drapings, you can start brainstorming and explore your decoration options by browsing our photo gallery. Small details can have a big impact —twinkling string lights or sparkling crystal chandeliers will help take your themed event to the next level!

Design a Delicious Menu

Your food and drink menu will help you determine what catering and bar equipment you’ll need to rent, so it should be checked off your corporate event checklist early! When planning your perfect company event menu, be sure to consider your event’s theme, budget, schedule, and the diet and lifestyle of your guests. You’ll need to determine if the food will be served plated or buffet, and ensure there are vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options available if needed.

For an extra special menu, try incorporating seasonal and fresh items, or opt for an ethnic or regional menu to help your event stand out. Choose interesting and delicious beverages that compliment your menu, and your guests will be sure to dance the night away full and happy! 

decorated tree amidst decorated dinner tables

Use Your Resources and Delegate 

To improve your company event planning process and your final results, it’s important to use your resources and delegate tasks. It’s easy to get caught up in your event and begin trying to tackle everything all on your own, but this is rarely realistic! You’ll need to recruit trustworthy helpers who are experts in their fields in order to effectively prepare, carry out, and dismantle your event. 

Count on a food catering company to provide your meals, snacks, and refreshments, and leave the hassle of preparing your corporate event’s venue and decor to the party planning professionals at Tlapazola Party Rentals. Trust the #1 party rental service in South Bay —we’ll supply the equipment, delivery, setup, and breakdown, for any event!

Effectively Market Your Event

Even the most perfectly planned and executed company event will fall flat if your desired guests don’t show! You’ll need to get the word out early that your incredible event will be taking place, and you should focus on being consistent and active with your marketing to keep your guests excited and in-the-know. 

Be sure to clearly identify what your guests can expect at the event. Tell them about the dress code, whether the event will be catered, what the theme will be, and how much fun they’ll have! If you’ve secured an incredible event centerpiece such as a dance floor or an extravagant bar menu, be sure to entice your guests with this info in your marketing.

 large group of people partying with confetti

Choose Tlapazola Party Rentals For Your Next Corporate Event 

Whether you’re hosting a company event or personal event, we wish you success with your upcoming event planning process! With these tips and tricks to make your next event memorable and the planning process smooth, we hope that your event will be everything you’ve dreamed of. 

Remember that Tlapazola Party Rentals is here to help! Our professional and attentive service is aimed at helping you throw a stress-free, memorable event. Talk to one of our expert company party planners today to get started. 

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