Details: Size: 20 inches by 20 inches, unfolded Style: seamless, 1 piece design with hemmed edges Material: Polyester and Dacron Matches: Linen tablecloths, table runners, and centerpieces Used for: Weddings Formal Events Casual Meals A napkin is meant to be intimately used by guests, and in most scenarios, durability is the most important feature. These cloth napkins are soft, yet designed to resist stains and wrinkles with polyester material.

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Enhance the ambiance of any event with stylish napkins. At Tlapazola Event Rentals, we understand that every design element matters when it comes to event décor. Our high-quality banquet napkins rentals serve a dual purpose – they complement your color scheme while providing comfort to your guests.

If you’re seeking an extra touch of sophistication, our satin napkins are an excellent choice for reception tables. For a clean and professional appearance, opt for our black linen or blush polyester napkins. Whatever your event needs, we have the perfect napkins to make it memorable.

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