4 Fun Backyard Graduation Party Ideas 2023

It’s almost graduation season, so grads start sending their invites early! Therefore, get prepared for the big day with these fun, easy, and memorable backyard graduation party ideas.

1. Buffet-Style Eating

At a graduation party, people usually come and go over the course of several hours. You won’t be able to have a sit-down meal like a dinner party, most likely. That’s why the food solution is buffets!

Here are some tried and true food ideas for a crowd:

  • Pizza buffets
  • Make-your-own nachos/tacos
  • Make-your-own pasta bowls

If the food needs to be kept warm for several hours, all you have to do is rent simple buffet heating trays. Catering equipment is inexpensive and makes a huge difference when you’re trying to feed a crowd. Another outdoor graduation decoration idea is to rent a long, sturdy table, chairs, and outdoor lights for everyone to sit comfortably.

2. Lawn Games

One important backyard graduation party idea you have to come up with is games! Mingling and chatting is alright, but people won’t want to hang around unless there’s something to do.

Cornhole and bocce ball are always yard game classics, but you could also branch out to something fun like spray paint twister on your grass. You can also find fun giant versions of board games for standing in a lawn like giant Connect Four or giant Jenga!

3. Inflatable Screen with Projector

Make a gigantic centerpiece in your backyard by setting up an inflatable projector screen! 

Show a fun movie or TV show that anyone can hang out and watch together on comfy lawn chairs. You can also showcase more personal videos like old home videos of the graduate, past school performances, old sports games, and more. Just make sure you OK the videos with the grad so they don’t spend the whole party embarrassed!

Fun backyard graduation party idea: If you have a backyard pool, set the projector up next to it so people can float and watch!

4. A Big Book with Photos for Well Wishes and Advice

At this pivotal moment in your grad’s life, a lot of people want to offer their advice and well-wishes. Rather than forcing your grad to be inundated with all this advice at once rather than enjoying the party, make a special book that’s dedicated to people’s messages!

For something even more special, you can hire a fun photo booth or set up a photo station for your grad to take pictures with all your guests. Even just a backdrop with a balloon arch will do the trick! Paste the pictures next to their message in the book for a treasure packed with love and memories. An area for pictures is an excellent outdoor graduation decoration idea, and your guests will love it!

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